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Original author:
Alfredo K. Kojima

Michael Vogt
Gustavo Niemeyer

Enrico Zini
Sebastian Heinlein
Panu Matilainen

Daniel Paarmann

Vital Khilko (Belarusian)
Keld Simonsen (Danish)
Michael Vogt (German)
Sebastain Heinlein (German)
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (Spanish)
Mathieu Roy (French)
Mauro Colorio (Italian)
Luigi Maselli (Italian)
Daisuke Suzuki (Japanese)
Vincent van Adrighem (Dutch)
Emil (Polish)
Marcia Norie Nakaza (Portugese)
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Portugese)
Sviatoslav Sviridov (Russian)
Vitaly Lipatov (Russian)
Rail Aliev (Turkish)
Anthony Fok (Chinese)
Alwin Meschede (German)
Liu Songhe (Chinese)
Ossama Khayat (Arabic)


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